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British Army List 1937

British Army List 1937
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The British Army List 1937

A Distribution List of Officers on the Active List of the Regular Army, the Militia, the Territorial Army, the Supplementary Reserve, etc.

Under the provisions of the Army Act, 1881, Section 163 (1) (d), this Army List is evidence of the status
and rank of the Officers mentioned in it.
No Army List, except this List, its Half-Yearly Supplement and the Half-Yearly List, is authorised
by the War Office.
The figures in square brackets thus [1] after the titles of Infantry regiments denote the former
regimental districts to wliich the regiments belonged.
The badges, &c, borne on Regimental Colours are shown after the titles of Regiments/the " centre " badge
being printed in heavy type. In the case of Regiments and Corps which do not carry Standards, Guidons
or Colours, the badges &c. shown after their titles are borne on their Clothing or Appointments.
The words subscribed to the titles of regiments, as " Peninsula," " Waterloo," " Neuve Chapelle," & c,
denote the Honours awarded to such regiments in commemoration of their services. Those printed in heavy
type are borne on their Standards or Colours, or, in the case of regiments having no Standards or Colours,
on their Appointments.
Where two dates are shown against the name of an officer without explanation, the first denotes his
seniority in his Regiment or Corps or is his most recent date of appointment to the Regiment or Corps, and
the second denotes his present Army seniority. Where three dates are shown, the second is his date of
substantive appointment to his present rank, and the third denotes his present Army seniority.
Officers whose names are printed in italics are on the supernumerary or seconded lists.
In regimental lists of Foot Guards and Infantry an officer's battalion is indicated by a number in
elliptical brackets, e.g. (2) after his name; a number enclosed in square brackets, e.g. [2], denotes that the
officer is attached and not posted.

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