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Descriptive Account of Spen Valley Cleckheaton Heckmondwike Mirfield

Descriptive Account of Spen Valley Cleckheaton Heckmondwike Mirfield
Mirfield mill owners Spen Valley worsted mills Cleckheaton business
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Descriptive Account of Spen Valley Cleckheaton Heckmondwike Mirfield

Booklet of 72 pages originally published between 1895-1900 gives us a glimpse of the past of The Spen Valley Mirfield . A general description, followed by detailed profiles of many businesses, including old photographs. Covers Dewsbury, Heckmondwike, Mirfield, Ravensthorpe, Cleckheaton, Gomersal, Liversedge..

Messrs. George Anderton and Son, Limited, Worsted Spinners,Victoria Mills, Cleckheaton.

Messrs. L. and M. Firth, Wool Merchants, Heckmondwike.
Messrs. Samuel Law and Sons, Ltd.,Manufacturers of Every Description of Card Clothing, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. John Burnley and Sons, Blanket and Woollen Manufacturers, Grove Mills, Heckmondwike.
Messrs. Albert Rhodes and Co., Spen Vale Mills, Heckmondwike.
Messrs. Marsden and Co., Engineers, Ironfounders, and Millwrights, Union Foundry, Heckmondwike.
Messrs. Walker Brothers, Woollen Manufacturers, Ravens Ing Mills, Ravensthorpe, near Dewsbury.
Messrs. Ben Ovenden and Sons, Blanket, Rug, and Woollen Manufacturers, Stubbin's Mills, Heckmondwike.
Messrs. Henry F. Cockill and Sons, Ltd., Curriers, Mill Furnishers and Manufacturers of Leather Belting for Mill Driving Purposes, Mount View Leather Works, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. John L. Hirst and Sons, Curriers and Leather Cutters, etc., Westgate Leather Works, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. Clarkson, Firth, and Co., Manufacturers of Blankets, Railway Rugs, etc., Millbridge, Liversedge.
Messrs. Saunders and Saunders, Ltd., Chemical Manufacturers, Westgate Chemical Works, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. Abraham Stead & Sons, Drysalters and Dyewood Cutters, Valley Mills, Heckmondwike.
Messrs. Charles Hirst and Sons, Steel Wire Manufacturers, Exchange Mills, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. Cox Brothers, Woollen Manufacturers, Ravens Wharf Mills, Ravensthorpe.
Messrs. S. Haley and Son, Ltd., Manufacturers of Patent Hardened and Tempered Cast Steel Wire Card Clothing, Best Card Wire, Reed and Weaving Wire, Tinned Bottling Wire, etc, Pyenot Hall Works, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. Samuel Jackson and Sons, Ltd., Spinner of Botany Yarns for Worsted Coatings, etc., Savile Mills, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. James Sykes and Co., Soap Manufacturers, Analytical and Manufacturing Chemists, Drysaltery and Indigo Merchants, Walkley Lane, Heckmondwike.
Obadiah Lang and Sons, Blanket and Woollen Manufacturers, Valley Road Mills, Liversedge.
Mr. Daniel Conrade Bateman, Manufacturer of Steel Rope Wire, Aluminium Wire, and Patent Bright Hardened and Tempered Steel Card Wire, Brookhouse Wire Works, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. Houghton, Brothers and Co., (Late Houghton, Knowles and Co.), Machine Makers, Iron Founders, and Mill Furnishers, Gomersal.
Messrs. Ellison, Cordingley and Co., Engineers and Machinery Brokers, Spen Valley Works, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. Hearl Heaton, and Sons, Manufacturers, Crown Works, Liversedge.
Messrs. Parkinson and Bottomley, Steel Wire Manufacturers, Brookhouse Wire Mills, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. W. and T. Milnes, Wood Turners and Timber Merchants, Beck Lane Saw Mill, Heckmondwike.
Messrs. Leeming Smith, Hydraulic Press Maker, and Corn, Hay, Straw and Fodder Merchant, Church Street and Thomas Street, Heckmondwike.
Messrs. Heaton Bros.,Crown Leather Works, Mill Bridge, Liversedge.
Messrs. Joshua Pyrah and Co., Carpet and Woollen Yarn Spinners, Wellington Mills, Liversedge.
Mr. C. H. Appleyard, Mineral Water Manufacturer, North Street, Hopton, Mirfield.
Mr. B. Roebuck, Mineral Water Manufacturer, Mirfield.
Mr. George Smith, Maker of Doffing and Cleaning Combs, Emery Rollers and Condenser Bobbins, etc., and General Mill Furnisher, Thomas Street, Heckmondwike.
Mr. John Batley, Timber Merchant, Blanket Hall Street, Heckmondwike.
Mr. Geo. H. Tattersfield, Blanket and Rug Manufacturer, Bankfield Mill, and Spring Place, Norththorpe, Mirfield.
Mr. Squire A. Radcliffe, Oil Refiner, Shoddy, Wool Waste, and Manure Manufacturer, etc., Gill Bridge Oil Works, Mirfield.
Messrs. George Sampson, and Son, Wholesale Curriers and Leather Merchants, Boot Lace Manufacturers, Station Road, Liversedge.
Messrs. Thornton, Kelley and Co., Cotton Spinners, Doublers, and Warp Makers, Spring Place Mills, Mirfield.
Mr. Joseph Hammerton, Wire Worker and Weaver, Hopton Wire Mill, Mirfield.
The Hunsworth Dyeing Co., Dyers of Stuff Goods, Hunsworth Mills, Cleckheaton.
Mr. William Oates, Contractor and Quarry Owner, Nab Lane and Newgate, Mirfield, and Park Quarry, Bradley, near Huddersfield.
Messrs. Lister Bros., Cotton Doublers and Makers of Cords, Wellington Mills, Mirfield.
Messrs. William and Joshua Milner, Lowland's Stone Works, Mirfield, And at Stock's Bank Quarry, Mirfield, Taylor Hall Lane Brick Worlks, Mirfield, and St, Michael's Mount Quarry, Rishworth, near Halifax.
Mr. John, France, Iron, Steel, and Chain Merchant, Metal Broker, etc., George Street, Heckmondwike.
Mr. Joseph Lindley, Engineer, Machine Maker, and Brass Founder, Britannia Mill, Mirfield.
Mr. George Hodgson, Engineer, etc., Tofts Mill, Cleckheaton.
Mr. Herbert Thomas Sampson, Currier and Leather Merchant, Aston, Clough Leather Works, Millbridge, Liversedge.
Messrs. Joseph Walshaw and Son, Wool Merchants, Church Street, Heckmondwike.
Mr. T. Feather, Wholesale Coal and Stone Merchant, Exchange Buildings, Mirfield.
Mr. William Isherwood, Joiner, Horticultural and General Builder, Hope Sawing, Planing, and Moulding Mills, Westgate, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. William Rouse and Son, Carriage builders, Wheel Manufacturers, etc., Heckmondwike.
Mr. Sykes Littlewood, Worsted Spinner, Netherfield Shed, Cleckheaton.
Mr. George Hirst, Aerated Water Manufacturer, New Yew Tree Aerated Water Works, Liversedge.
Messrs. Moody and Midgley, Wholesale Grocers and Provision Merchants, 3, Railway Street, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. J, Walmsley and Co., Cotton, Silk, and Woollen Printers, Nun Brook Print Works, Mirfield.
Messrs. Barker and Clough., Joiners and Builders, Steam Saw Mills, Station Road, Mirfieid.
Mr. Francis W. Birkett, Brass Founder and Finisher, and Electrical Engineer, The Old Brass Works, Cleckheaton.
Mr. Sam. Clough, Iron and Steel Merchant, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. Blackburn, Walker and Co., Electrical Engineers, Upper Lane Mills, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. A. Armytage and Co., Dyers, and Patent Dry Cleaners, Tofts Works, and Market Street, Cleckheaton.
Mr. William Bennett, Coal Merchant, General Carrier, and Contractor for Removals, Coal Office: L. and Y.R. Station.
Mr. W. Haigh., Manufacturer of Double Loop Cotton, Bands, Cotton Driving Bands, Spindle Tapes, Ropes, Lines, and Twines, Providence Mill, South Parade, Westgate, Cleckheaton.
The Heckmondwike Old Brewery Company, Ltd, Brewers of Ales and Stouts, Wholesale Bottlers, Wine, Spirit, and Corn Merchants, Heckmondwike.
Messrs. E. and A. Smith and Co., Ltd., Steel Wire Manufacturers, Phoenix Works, Providence Works, and Pyenot Works, Bradford Road, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. Aykroyd, Mitchell and Co., Worsted Spinners, Upper Carr Mills, Liversedge.
Mr. John Siddall, Letterpress, Lithographic and Music Printer, Stationer, Bookbinder, etc., Market Street and Whitcliffe Road, Cleckheaton.
Messrs. H. W. Knowles and Co., Ltd., Wholesale and Retail Chemists and Druggists, Bradford Road, Cleckheaton.
Mr. W. H. Sharp, Coal Merchant and Colliery Agent, Railway Station, Cleckheaton.
The Valley Printing Co., Bradford Road, Cleckheaton.
Mr. S. Savory, Iron, Zinc, and Tinplate Worker, etc.,35, Bradford Road, Cleckheaton.
Mr. W. A. Cliff, Picture Framer, Gilder, Artists' Colourman, etc., 18, Northgate, Cleckheaton.
Mr. J. Burnhill, Painter, Paper-hanger, Decorator, etc., 48, Bradford Road, Cleckheaton.
Mr. William Agar, Clothier, Hatter, and General Outfitter, Northgate, and Cross Crown Street, Cleckheaton.
Mr. T. Wood, Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist, Hairdresser, etc., Central Tobacco and Cigar Stores, Northgate, Cleckheaton.

and many more...........

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