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British Army List 1863

British Army List 1863
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The British Army List [March] 1863

IN the List of Regiments, the Field Officers have the Date of their last  Regimental Appointments annexed to their Names, their Army Bank being specified  in the List of General and field Officers; Captains with the Brevet of Field  Officers, the Date of their first Commissions as Captains; the other Captains,  Subalterns, and Staff, the Date of their Army Rank, their Seniority in the  Regiment being indicated by the Order of their Names in each Rank. The Words  subscribed to the titles of Regiments, as "Peninsula," "Waterloo," &c. denote  the Honorary Distinctions permitted to be borne by such Regiments on their Colours and Appointments, in commemoration of their Services.

Academy (R. Mil.) at Woolwich. Aides-de-Camp to the Queen. Army Hospital Corps.  Artillery Comp. of London. Artillery, Regt. of. Asylum (R. Mil.) at Chelsea.  Barrack Masters. Bull Point. Canadian Rifles. Cape Mounted Riflemen. Cavalry.  Ceylon Rifle Regiment. Channel Islands Militia. Chaplains. Chatham Depot.  Chelsea Hospital. Asylum. Circulars. College (R. Mil.) at Sandhurst. Colours,  Inspector of Regimental. Commander-in-Chiefs Office. Commissariat. Convalescent  Estab. Yarmouth. Deaths. Depot Battalions. Depot at Chatham. Depot at Warley.  Detachments, Isle of Man. Districts, Recruiting. Dock Yard Corps (Malta Art.).  Dragoon Guards. Dragoons. Education, Council of. Enfield. Engineer  Establishment. Engineers, Corps of. Examinations, Army, Notice of. Falkland  Islands. Falkland Island Company. Field Marshals. Field Officers. Field Officers  retired on Full Pay. Field Officers retired from the Army. Fire Masters. Foot  Guards. Foreign Orders, Regulations as to. Garrisons. General Officers. General  Officers Supernumerary. General Officers on Half Pay. General Officers on  Unattached Pay . General Officers on Special Rate. General Officers Indian Army.  Gentlemen at Arms. Gold Coast Artillery. Gunnery, School of. Half Pay. Hibernian  Military School. Hon. Phys. and Surg, to H. M.. Honorary Rank. Horse Guards,  Regiment of. Hospital, Chelsea. Hospital, General, at Woolwich. Hospital,  Kilmainham. Indian Army, General and Retired. Officers. Infantry. Inspectors of  Warlike Stores and. Fire Masters. [sleof Man, Commanding Detachm. Judge Advocate  General. Kilmainham Hospital. Knights of Windsor. Life Guards. Local Rank.  Lucknow Prize Money. Malta Fencible Artillery. Marines, Corps of. Medical Dept.  Military Store Dept. Military Train. Militia. Musketry, Schools of. Order of the  Bath. Ordnance Select Committee. Particular Service. Pay Office. Pensioners,  Staff Officers of. Physicians, hon. to H. M. Pimlico. Portsmouth. Prices of  Commissions. Prisons. Prom. Appts., &c. since last Publ. Do. too late.  Purveyors. Recruiting Districts. Recruiting Districts Roy. Eng. Recruiting  Districts Marines. Retired Full and Half Pay. Rewards. Rifle Brigade. School,  Army Medical. School, R. Hibernian. Schools, Army, Inspectors of. School of  Gunnery. Schools of Musketry. Staff
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