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http://youroldbooksandmaps.co.uk full product list as of July 2020. Will be adding products to the online store as quickly as possible - it is a slow process. If you want to purchase any that have not yet been listed, please contact us via the contact form on the website. Thank you for your patience. Annals of Glasgow Annals of Manchester Annals of Yorkshire Annual Court & City Register 1753 ARGYLL AND SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS WW1 ARGYLL SUTHERLAND HIGHLANDERS BOER WAR Armies of India ARMS OF THE PEERS PEERESSES Army Chaplains WW1 ASIATIC REGISTER & DIRECTORY 1800 Australian Army List 1914 Bartholomew Handy World Atlas 1893 BEDFORDSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR BEDFORDSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 BERKSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR BERKSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 Birmingham Old & New 1880 Birmingham Recollections 1877 BLACK WATCH ROYAL HIGHLANDERS BOER WAR BLACK WATCH ROYAL HIGHLANDERS WW1 Boer War Black and White Budget Magazines BORDER REGIMENT BOER WAR BORDER REGIMENT WW1 British Army List 1778 + 1779 British Army List 1798 British Army List 1799 British Army List 1800 British Army List 1801 British Army List 1802 British Army List 1803 British Army List 1804 British Army List 1805 British Army List 1806 British Army List 1807 British Army List 1808 British Army List 1809 British Army List 1810 British Army List 1811 British Army List 1812 British Army List 1813 British Army List 1814 British Army List 1814 Monthly British Army List 1815 British Army List 1816 British Army List 1817 British Army List 1818 British Army List 1819 British Army List 1820 British Army List 1821 British Army List 1822 British Army List 1823 British Army List 1824 British Army List 1825 British Army List 1826 British Army List 1827 British Army List 1834 British Army List 1835 British Army List 1836 British Army List 1837 British Army List 1849 British Army List 1850 British Army List 1851 British Army List 1852 British Army List 1853 British Army List 1854 British Army List 1854-Crimea British Army List 1855 British Army List 1856 British Army List 1863 British Army List 1867 British Army List 1870 British Army List 1871 British Army List 1880 British Army List 1882 British Army List 1883 British Army List 1884 British Army List 1887 British Army List 1891 British Army List 1893 British Army List 1895 British Army List 1898 British Army List 1900 British Army List 1901 British Army List 1902 British Army List 1903 British Army List 1905 British Army List 1906 British Army List 1910 British Army List 1911 British Army List 1913 British Army List 1914 British Army List 1915 British Army List 1916 British Army List 1917 British Army List 1918 British Army List 1919 British Army List 1920 British Army List 1922 British Army List 1923 British Army List 1926 British Army List 1930 British Army List 1933 British Army List 1937 British Locomotives 1894 British Workman 1865 Burkes Baronetcies 1844 BURKES PEERAGE 1938 Burslem & District Advertiser CAMBRIDGESHIRE REGIMENT WW1 1914-1918 CAMERON HIGHLANDERS BOER WAR CAMERON HIGHLANDERS WW1 Carys New Itinerary 1810 Cassells Our Own Country 1898 CAVALRY REGIMENTS WW1 Census Occupations 1931 Centenary Book of Bradford Cheshire Directory 1860 Cheshire Picturesque 1903 CHESHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR CHESHIRE REGIMENT WW1 Chester Parish Register Of The Holy Trinity 1532 - 1837 Chronicles of the Tombs & Select Epitaphs 1864 Clarkes Law List 1833 Coins of England 1846 COLDSTREAM GUARDS BOER WAR COLDSTREAM GUARDS WW1 CONNAUGHT RANGERS BOER WAR CONNAUGHT RANGERS WW1 Crewe, Nantwich, Congleton, Middlewich, Northwich and Sandbach Directory 1913 Criminal Chronology of York Castle Cumberland & Westmorland M.P.'s 1660 - 1867 Cumberland Directory 1829 Cumberland Directory 1847 Cumberland Directory 1884 Cumberland Directory 1901 Cumberland History 1890 Derbyshire Directory 1846 Derbyshire Little Guide 1903 Descriptive Account of The Spen Valley & Mirfield Devon & Cornwall Guide 1892 Devonshire Blacks Guide 1878 Devonshire History 1886 DEVONSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR DEVONSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 Directory of the Staffordshire Potteries and Newcastle, with Almanack 1867 Dods Peerage 1850 Dods Peerage 1900 Dorset Blacks Guide 1886 DORSETSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR DORSETSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 DRESS REGULATIONS AND ORDERS FOR THE OFFICERS OF THE ARMY 1911 DRESS REGULATIONS FOR THE ARMY 1934 DRESS REGULATIONS FOR THE OFFICERS OF THE ARMY 1904 DUBLIN FUSILIERS BOER WAR DUBLIN FUSILIERS WW1 Dugdale England & Wales delineated 1846 DUKE OF CORNWALLS LIGHT INFANTRY BOER WAR DUKE OF CORNWALLS LIGHT INFANTRY WW1 DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY BOER WAR DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY WW1 EAST INDIA BOOKS COLLECTION East India Company Register & Directory 1806 East India Register & Directory 1823 East India Register & Directory 1827 East India Register & Directory 1836 East India Register & Directory 1851 East India Register & Directory 1861 East India Register & Directory 1877 EAST KENT THE BUFFS REGIMENT BOER WAR EAST KENT THE BUFFS REGIMENT WW1 EAST LANCASHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR EAST LANCASHIRE REGIMENT WW1 EAST SURREY REGIMENT BOER WAR EAST SURREY REGIMENT WW1 EAST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR EAST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 ESSEX REGIMENT BOER WAR ESSEX REGIMENT WW1 Flag-Officers of His Majestys Fleet 1777-1783 Flag-Officers of His Majestys Fleet 1784-1789 Flag-Officers of His Majestys Fleet 1790-1794 Flag-Officers of His Majestys Fleet 1795-1799 Gazetteer & Directory of the Staffordshire Potteries, Newcastle and District 1892-93 George Stephenson Railway Engineer 1862 Glasgow Directory 1852 - 1853 Glasgow Directory 1863 - 1864 Glasgow Directory 1893 - 1894 Glasgow Directory 1903 - 1904 Glasgow Directory 1919 - 1920 Glasgow Directory 1933 - 1934 Glimpses of Ancient Leicester 1906 GLOUCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR GLOUCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 GORDON HIGHLANDERS BOER WAR GORDON HIGHLANDERS WW1 Grace Darling Heroine of the Farne Islands Graphic History of the South African Campaign 1899 - 1900 Greater London Illustrated 1882 GRENADIER GUARDS BOER WAR GRENADIER GUARDS WW1 Gretna Green + Maryport Co-Op + Gilsland Guide Halifax Industrial Society 1901 Halifax Worthies 1883 HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR HAMPSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 Hanley Ancient Corporation of 1783 - 1900 Harts Annual Army List 1841 Harts Annual Army List 1842 Harts Annual Army List 1849 Harts Annual Army List 1851 Harts Annual Army List 1852 Harts Annual Army List 1853 Harts Army and Militia List 1855 Crimea Harts Army and Militia List 1856 Crimea Harts Army and Militia List 1857 Crimea Harts Army List 1858 Indian Mutiny Harts Army List 1859 Indian Mutiny Harts Army List 1863 Harts Army List 1869 Harts Army List 1872 Harts Army List 1873 Harts Army List 1874 Harts Army List 1875 Harts Army List 1876 Harts Army List 1877 Harts Army List 1878 Harts Army List 1879 Harts Army List 1880 Harts Army List 1881 Harts Army List 1882 Harts Army List 1890 Harts Army List 1891 Harts Army List 1893 Harts Army List 1896 Harts Army List 1900 Harts Army List 1902 Harts Army List 1903 Harts Army List 1905 Harts Army List 1914 Her Majesty's Army 1890 Walter Richards Herefordshire Directory 1876 HEREFORDSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 1914-1918 HERTFORDSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 1914-1918 HIGHLAND CYCLIST BATTALION WW1 1914-1918 HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY BOER WAR HIGHLAND LIGHT INFANTRY WW1 Historical Families Of Dumfriesshire 1889 History of Huddersfield and its Vicinity 1898 - D.F.E. Sykes History of Liverpool 1852 History of the Burgh of Dumfries 1873 William McDowell History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Staffordshire 1851 Huddersfield Industrial Society 1860 - 1910 HUNTINGDONSHIRE CYCLIST BATTALION WW1 1914-1918 Illustrated History of Bradford 1902 INDIAN ARMY WW1 INNISKILLING FUSILIERS BOER WAR INNISKILLING FUSILIERS WW1 IRISH FUSILIERS BOER WAR IRISH FUSILIERS WW1 IRISH GUARDS WW1 IRISH REGIMENT BOER WAR IRISH REGIMENT WW1 IRISH RIFLES BOER WAR IRISH RIFLES WW1 Kelly's Directory of Cheshire 1892 Kelly's Directory of Cheshire 1928 Kelly's Directory of Cheshire 1934 Kelly's Directory of Cumberland & Westmorland 1894 Kelly's Directory of Cumberland 1929 Kelly's Directory of Devon 1897 Kelly's Directory of Dorset 1898 Kelly's Directory of Dorset 1931 Kelly's Directory of Essex 1933 Kelly's Directory of Gloucestershire 1923 Kelly's Directory of Hampshire & the Isle of Wight 1859 Kelly's Directory of Hampshire & the Isle of Wight 1898 Kelly's Directory of Hampshire & the Isle of Wight 1915 Kelly's Directory of Hampshire & the Isle of Wight 1923 Kelly's Directory of Hampshire & the Isle of Wight 1935 Kelly's Directory of Leeds 1916 Kelly's Directory of Norfolk 1892 Kelly's Directory of Norfolk 1925 Kelly's Directory of Northamptonshire 1890 Kelly's Directory of Northumberland 1921 Kelly's Directory of Northumberland 1938 Kelly's Directory of Rotherham & Sheffield 1925 Kelly's Directory of Shropshire 1900 Kelly's Directory of Suffolk 1892 Kelly's Directory of Suffolk 1925 Kelly's Directory of the Channel Islands 1898 Kelly's Directory of the Channel Islands 1931 Kelly's Directory of Warwickshire 1928 Kelly's Directory of Westmorland 1906 Kelly's Directory of Wiltshire 1898 Kellys Gentry 1928 Kellys Gentry 1944 KENT CYCLIST BATTALION WW1 Kent Picturesque 1901 King's Regulations and Orders For The Army 1837 King's Regulations and Orders for the Army 1914 Lancashire and Cheshire Past and Present 1867 LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS BOER WAR LANCASHIRE FUSILIERS WW1 Lancashire Worthies 1874 LANCASTER REGIMENT BOER WAR LANCASTER REGIMENT WW1 Leeds in the Great-War 1914-1918 Leeds Worthies 1865 LEICESTERSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR LEICESTERSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 LEINSTER REGIMENT WW1 Licensed Victuallers Official Annual 1895 Lincolnshire Directory 1892 LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR LINCOLNSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 Liverpool & Lancashire History LIVERPOOL REGIMENT BOER WAR LIVERPOOL REGIMENT WW1 Locomotive Journals 1911 1912 & 1913 London 1909 London Views London Blacks Guide 1920 LONDON REGIMENT WW1 Luddites Historical Account MACHINE GUN CORPS - TANK CORPS WW1 Maidstone and its Environs 1834 Manchester Faces & Places MANCHESTER REGIMENT BOER WAR MANCHESTER REGIMENT WW1 Manchester Salford Biographies Masham History 1865 Mayors Of England & Wales 1902 Medical Directory 1928 Medieval London & Old St. Paul's Memorials Of Old Whitby 1894 Middlesex Little History Guide 1906 MIDDLESEX REGIMENT BOER WAR MIDDLESEX REGIMENT WW1 MONMOUTHSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 MUNSTER FUSILIERS BOER WAR MUNSTER FUSILIERS WW1 Navy & Army Illustrated Magazine Volume 01 1895 1896 Navy & Army Illustrated Magazine Volume 02 1896 Navy & Army Illustrated Magazine Volume 03 1896 1897 Navy & Army Illustrated Magazine Volume 04 1897 Navy & Army Illustrated Magazine Volume 05 1897 Navy & Army Illustrated Magazine Volume 06 1898 Navy & Army Illustrated Magazine Volume 07 1898 1899 Navy & Army Illustrated Magazine Volume 08 1899 Navy & Army Illustrated Magazine Volume 09 1899 1900 Navy & Army Illustrated Magazine Volume 10 1900 Navy & Army Illustrated Magazine Volume 11 1900 1901 Navy & Army Illustrated Magazine Volume 12 1901 Navy & Army Illustrated Magazine Volume 13 1901 1902 Navy & Army Illustrated Magazine Volume 14 1902 Navy & Army Illustrated Magazine Volume III New Series 1915 Nooks and Corners Shropshire 1899 Norfolk & Norwich Directory 1854 NORFOLK REGIMENT BOER WAR NORFOLK REGIMENT WW1 NORTH LANCASHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR NORTH LANCASHIRE REGIMENT WW1 NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 NORTHAMPTONSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR NORTHAMPTONSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 NORTHERN CYCLIST BATTALION WW1 Northumberland & Durham Directory 1850 Northumberland Directory 1827 1828 Northumberland Directory 1887 Northumberland Durham Miners 1873 NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS BOER WAR NORTHUMBERLAND FUSILIERS WW1 Notorious & Daring Highwaymen 1840 Nottinghamshire Directory 1864 OFFICERS OF FORT ST. GEORGE 1831 OFFICERS OF THE BOMBAY ARTILLERY Old England A Pictorial Museum 1860 OXFORDSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY BOER WAR OXFORDSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY WW1 Pageant of the Century 1900 - 1933 Peace to War and Our Army and Navy 1914 PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN BRITISH ARMY LISTS 1808-1814 Picturesque History of Yorkshire Pigot's Directory of Derbyshire 1835 Pigot's Directory of Leicestershire & Rutland 1835 Pigot's Directory of Lincolnshire 1835 Pigot's Directory of Nottinghamshire 1835 Pigot's Directory of Shropshire & Hereford 1835 Pigot's Directory of Shropshire 1828 Pigot's Directory of Staffordshire 1835 Pigot's Directory of Wales & Monmouthshire 1835 Pigot's Directory of Warwickshire 1835 Pigot's Directory of Worcestershire 1835 Pleasant Walks Around Bradford 1890 RIFLE BRIGADE BOER WAR RIFLE BRIGADE WW1 RIFLE CORPS BOER WAR RIFLE CORPS WW1 Ripon Fountains Abbey 1875 Roman Wall Lakeland And Ribblesdale Royal Air Force List 1938 Royal Air Force List 1939 ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS RAMC WW1 ROYAL ARMY ORDNANCE CORPS RAOC WW1 ROYAL ARMY SERVICE CORPS RASC WW1 ROYAL ARTILLERY WW1 ROYAL DEFENCE CORPS RDC WW1 ROYAL ENGINEERS WW1 ROYAL FLYING CORPS WW1 ROYAL FUSILIERS BOER WAR ROYAL FUSILIERS WW1 Royal Navy List 1815 Royal Navy List 1826 Royal Navy List 1853 Royal Navy List 1855 Royal Navy List 1856 Royal Navy List 1857 Royal Navy List 1867 Royal Navy List 1885 Royal Navy List 1901 Royal Navy List 1911 Royal Navy List 1913 Royal Navy List 1914 Royal Navy List 1915 Royal Navy List 1916 Royal Navy List 1917 Royal Navy List 1918 Royal Navy List 1924 Royal Navy List 1925 Royal Navy List 1926 Royal Navy List 1930 Royal Navy List 1935 Royal Navy List 1936 Royal Navy List 1938 Royal Navy List 1939 Scotland Blacks Guide 1883 Scotland Blacks Picturesque Guide 1857 SCOTS FUSILIERS BOER WAR SCOTS FUSILIERS WW1 SCOTS GUARDS BOER WAR SCOTS GUARDS WW1 SCOTS LOTHIAN REGIMENT BOER WAR SCOTS LOTHIAN REGIMENT WW1 SCOTTISH BORDERERS BOER WAR SCOTTISH BORDERERS WW1 SCOTTISH RIFLES BOER WAR SCOTTISH RIFLES WW1 SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS BOER WAR SEAFORTH HIGHLANDERS WW1 SHERWOOD FORESTERS BOER WAR SHERWOOD FORESTERS WW1 Shropshire Directory 1851 SHROPSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY BOER WAR SHROPSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY WW1 Solicitors Directory Diary & Almanac 1868 Somerset County Topographies 1875 Somerset Highways & Byways 1894 SOMERSET LIGHT INFANTRY BOER WAR SOMERSET LIGHT INFANTRY WW1 SOUTH LANCASHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR SOUTH LANCASHIRE REGIMENT WW1 SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 SOUTH WALES BORDERERS BOER WAR SOUTH WALES BORDERERS WW1 St Peters Church Leeds 1896 St. Helena The Historic Island 1903 Staffordshire & Warwicks Past & Present 1872 Staffordshire - Beauties of England & Wales 1812 Staffordshire Free Schools 1860 Staffordshire Sentinel The Potteries, Newcastle and District Directory 1907 STOCKDALES PEERAGE 1823 Suffolk Directory 1844 SUFFOLK REGIMENT BOER WAR SUFFOLK REGIMENT WW1 Surrey Little Guide 1910 SUSSEX REGIMENT BOER WAR SUSSEX REGIMENT WW1 The Clergy List 1906 The History Of Birmingham 1819 Treatise of Military Discipline 1762 Humphrey Bland Wakefield All Saints 1888 Wales Blacks Picturesque Guide 1872 WARWICKSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR WARWICKSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 WELSH FUSILIERS BOER WAR WELSH FUSILIERS WW1 WELSH GUARDS WW1 WELSH REGIMENT BOER WAR WELSH REGIMENT WW1 WEST INDIA REGIMENT BOER WAR WEST INDIA REGIMENT WW1 WEST KENT REGIMENT BOER WAR WEST KENT REGIMENT WW1 West Riding Directory 1837 1838 WEST RIDING REGIMENT BOER WAR WEST RIDING REGIMENT WW1 WEST SURREY REGIMENT BOER WAR WEST SURREY REGIMENT WW1 West Yorkshire Directory 1847 WEST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR WEST YORKSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 Whittle & Lauries New Travellers Companion 1818 Wigton School History 1815 - 1915 WILTSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR WILTSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 WORCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR WORCESTERSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 YEOMANRY REGIMENTS WW1 YORK AND LANCASTER REGIMENT BOER WAR YORK AND LANCASTER REGIMENT WW1 Yorkshire Blacks Picturesque Guide 1868 YORKSHIRE BOOKS COLLECTION Yorkshire Highways and Byways 1911 YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY BOER WAR YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY WW1 YORKSHIRE REGIMENT BOER WAR YORKSHIRE REGIMENT WW1 Yorkshire Traditions & Legends Your Maps Online 2 Your Maps Online 3
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